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Welcome to HEE-HAW Donkeys!

Do you love donkeys? ...So do we! 

We have top quality working donkeys on Scarborough Beach and we can provide donkeys to star at all occasions for...

  • Children's Rides

  • Kids Birthday Parties

  • Private Events or Parties

  • Easter and Nativity Events

  • Theatre Plays, Television or Films

All our donkeys are much loved and well cared for and are always accompanied.
We like to share all the fun, enjoyment and pleasure they bring us.
please browse these pages to find out all about us and all our
lovely donkeys and see what we and they can do for you!

Pictured left to right are some of our donkeys:
Samuel, Domino, Charlie, Monty and Sinbad who are all enjoying their lunch-time break from their own nosebags!

We call this the donkey's pic-nic!










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