Meet our highly valued team of experts.

Marilyn and Anthony Granville-Fall are proprietors of the business and either separately or jointly attend all the events themselves. They have vast experience with donkeys and conduct all their training and generally keep them in tip top condition all year round. Indeed the donkeys are all part of the family and well loved. In fact Anthony always says they are given more attention than him!!! (Well that is probably true). They deal with all the care of the donkeys themselves on a daily basis and when not doing events can be found in their wellies poo picking the fields and cuddling donkeys. There are no holidays in this family!

Rachel Granville-Fall


Marilyn and Anthony's daughter Rachel lives in Leeds and helps out at many of our events, especially in West Yorkshire. Being part of the family means she has seen the business grow over the years. The generous holidays provided by the teaching profession means that she can help us in the holiday periods and of course at weekends.