Ideally a track of approximately 80 - 100 metres in length by 4 - 5 metres in width. However, a square or rectangular area will suffice just as well. For small areas eg small gardens, our donkeys are well used to counting to 2 and are quite capable of going round twice.
We have a team of 10 experienced donkeys. We also have a number of semi-retired and retired donkeys and usually 2 donkeys in training. All donkeys used for children's rides must be registered by name with the Local Authority as a condition of the Riding Establishment Licence. We can provide up to 8 donkeys as required by for instance Donkey Derbys and large attendance festivals, but in most cases a team of 4 donkeys and 2 or 3 handlers is sufficient. For parties, nativities, care home visits and similar small events, 2 donkeys and one or 2 handlers is usually adequate.
No professional operator can offer set prices because each event is different. We price each event individually according to duration, distance, number of donkeys and handlers required etc. However we are a small family based business with low operating costs and we pride ourselves on providing a very reasonably priced personal service.

There are essentially 3 ways of hiring us:
  1. We charge for the rides and pay the organisers a fee (often the equivalent of a stall fee). Donkey rides are usually £3.00 each.
  2. We charge for the rides but pay the organisers a percentage of takings, less expenses. This is very popular with small events and shows, charities and fundraisers, for example at RNLI events, village shows and Emergency Services Days.
  3. We are paid by the organisers for our attendance and we then provide free rides for the children. Sometimes organisers charge a small fee themselves (often by a ticket system) in order to recoup some money. However sometimes with this system children return and return causing endless queues. Hence we sometimes limit the rides in order to ensure the donkeys are not overworked nor those waiting for their first ride are not kept waiting for too long or feel it is unfair.

Birthday parties and Wedding parties. We do lots of these throughout the year. Locally, we usually provide 2 handlers and 2 donkeys for an hour from £90, plus the cost of diesel. Treats can be given to the donkeys (supervised) and unsupervised treats are welcomed by the handlers!!! Anthony finds carrots are hard to eat.  Please bear in mind that although the donkey rides may be for one hour, by the time we have fed, groomed, loaded and travelled there and back to the venue, it takes us out for half a day. 
Our donkey rides are restricted to maximum age of 12 years and less than 8 stone.
Yes we charge the cost of diesel. By using 4 x 4 vehicles, our diesel costs are reasonable. We are familiar with distances to all the areas that we cover and we can give you a quote for that element. Some operators include travelling and fuel costs in their initial quotation.
As a small family business we aim to give an excellent and personal service at every event with our donkeys. Either Marilyn or Anthony, or both will attend the event along with any of our staff if required.
Yes, we are fastidious in removing all the donkey poos at every event. All poos are removed by scoops and transferred to heavy duty sacks. We take them back to our base where they are placed in our trailers which are emptied by our neighbouring farmer.
No animal truly falls into this oft-quoted category. However, donkeys are by nature more gentle and placid than many other of their 4 legged relatives. Our donkeys are highly experienced and used to all sorts of music, bagpipes and other loud noises, dogs, horses, sheep, buses, lorries, tractors, fairground attractions, even helicopters landing close by. Our handlers are experienced and trained to spot many potential dangers, indeed it is usually the case that the donkeys have spotted them as well. As donkeys are naturally cautious and not stubborn, as is often thought, simple encouragement from the handler that they trust, will deal with most situations.
We bring our own water, hay and feeds to all events. The donkeys always have nosebags breaks during longer events, or after shorter events.
Our policy has always been that each handler leads 2 donkeys and walks between them. In this way the handler walks next to the donkey's saddle and this provides the ultimate safety for the children as each child is within arm's reach. We do not lead donkeys with the donkeys walking behind us, nor do our handlers lead a string of 3 or 4 donkeys, for obvious reasons.
We take great pride in keeping our donkeys in tip top condition throughout the year. They are checked daily by ourselves. They are vet checked as required by our Riding Establishment Licence. All our donkeys are wormed regularly and also have regular visits from our farrier. Any attention given to any of our donkeys is logged in our records.
Although we have over 11 acres of fields for our donkeys they still like to nibble at hay and straw. Obviously they eat less hay in the summer months. We have an unlimited supply of top quality Yorkshire Wolds hay from a neighbouring farm at Wetwang. In the colder months the donkeys need more supplement to their diet. We use top quality feeds like Molichaff Donkey. All our animal feeds are supplied by RM English and Sons at Pocklington. The donkeys also love apples (from our orchard and carrots supplied by local farmers. Vitamin supplements and salt licks provide those extra nutrients. In all, top quality feeds keep our donkeys in top condition.
Usually no more than 5 or 6 hours per day. They also have nosebags and a rest at lunchtime or a nosebag after a short event. In high season non of our donkeys work for more than 2 or 3 days each week and less out of season. We adhere to the weight and age restrictions and always make sure our donkeys are comfortable and not overworked or fatigued. Donkeys love giving children's rides. They are working animals and as such they are happy working.