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    president:Xu Gongzao

    Liqun Group, which has a history of 70 years in commercial management, is a trans¨Cregional, multi-industries and integrated joint ¨C stock commercial corporation. It involves commercial chain, business logistics, hotel chain medicine wholesale logistics , import and export trade and real estate , Etc. By far ,Liqun Group have 30 supermarkets which covers more than 10,000 m2 ,more than 800 convenience stores , 3 large logistics centers , 5 star-rant hotels , and about 30 chain drugstores .The business area spreads all over Qingdao city even Yantai , Wei fang ,Rizhao ,Zibo and covers over 100,000 m2 in total .Now, a news five-in-one structure has been formed, which majors in retail chain, combined with logistics delivery ,hotel chain, medicine, wholesale logistics and real estate development .

    Liqun Group is a business distribution company in Shandong Province of China , which was only one selected by China top 500 enterprises. it achieved sales 10.1 billlion in 2006 , and leading the business in Shandong Province for 4 years . Liqun Group is the No.21 in the top 100 enterprises of China , No.369 in the China¡¯s Top 500 Enterprises in 2006 ,and meanwhile was awarded the honorary title of ¡°JINDING department stores ¡±in China .

    Liqun Group has attached importance to develop science and technology , and has been through the ISO9001:2000 quality certification . Liqun Group developed independently a system called ¡°the Integrated Management ¡±that not only fully implement trading separation , single goods management , purchase accounting and other modern management ideal , but also establishment an internal Web site system , which realize the whole group of office automatic . above all Liqun Group has established remote networking and computer technology , and communicate between each branch by IP voice , as well as video and telephone conferencing system within group . This project was awarded science and technology the first prize in Shandong Province. With developing the enterprise pay much attention to the question of introduction , over the past few years the company introduced the first college-level or higher qualifications more than 1,000 college students , and many have become the backbone of enterprise .


    In order to meet the needs of modernization , the Group invest in construction of business logistics center that is the first modern business logistics center in Shandong Province , and has been built and put into use in October 2001. In order to further enhance the Group¡¯s commodity distribution capacity and further construct world-class modern business logistics center , Liqun Group bought 225 acres of land in JIAOZHOU city to build in two phases 100,000 square meters of large-scale logistics center that was officially put into operation in October 2003 with construction area of nearly 60,000 square meters , investment 180 million yuan . The logistics center provide three-dimensional high shelf storage and import forklift operation , while adopting international advanced electronic tag , automatic sorting system and wireless scanning system , distribution of radiation throughout the scope of the Shandong Peninsula , and will gradually extend to the outside.


    Since beginning of the business, Liqun Group , maintained a good reputation , have been awarded the ¡°national commercial retail Top 100 enterprises¡±, ¡°national AAA level credit enterprise¡±, ¡°Chinese excellent enterprise department store industry ¡±, ¡°China Business Credit Enterprise¡±, ¡°Famous Trademark in Shandong Province¡±, ¡°Top 10 Commercial Enterprises in Qingdao City¡±, ¡°Old Chinese Enterprises¡±of Ministry of commerce , ¡°the First national department strore of JINDING¡±, Etc. Strict management level results of Liqun achieved so many scientific research award from provincial and municipal , and get good economic and social benefits .