We would like to introduce you to our donkeys! Find out more information about their individual personalities, names and features!


Billy is a very chunky and rather heavyweight donkey. He has a beautifully soft, pearly grey coloured coat and always looks very smart wearing his red leather bridle.  

Billy is a very experienced donkey who very much enjoys giving children rides. He also enjoys rolling in the grass in his field after a day on the beach!

Billy is also a rather a 'cheeky chappie' with a sense of humour! His favourite trick is to pick up the folding chair!


Hello to all my friends! My name is Charlie and I am a very, very special donkey. I'm so special because I'm quite a large donkey and my cuddly coat is pure white all over, except when I've had a roll in the grass!

Some people believe that all the pure white animals are sacred and I think they are probably quite right! Marilyn says that sometimes I'm an angel and that's why I don't need a cross on my back like all the other donkeys! I am very experienced and love going to special Shows and Parties to give the children rides on my back.

P.S. I'm also very fond of carrots! I also love sugar lumps but I'm not allowed to have them 'cos they're bad for my teeth!


Domino is a piebald (black and white) donkey, which is why he was named Domino. Domino is quite a big donkey and almost as tall as Sinbad.

At first he was very shy but he soon made friends with Monty and Charlie who were ever so friendly and kind to him when he first arrived. They welcomed him to the stables and showed him around the donkey's field. They taught him how to stand still to be tacked up in his new bridle and saddle and told him all about the fun they would have giving the children lovely donkey rides. Domino is now a very happy and willing donkey who really enjoys meeting the children and giving them rides and he loves all the cuddles he gets in return. At tea-time he goes home with the other donkeys to roll in the field, nibble the grass and munch his hay supper. Sometimes they all get a carrot as a special treat too!


They call me Little Monty because I'm quite small but I'm a very strong little donkey too!  I have a beautiful white coat and a pink mottled nose, which makes me very attractive to all my girl friends! I like lots of attention and tease the other donkeys quite a lot which is great fun!

One of my favourite treats is a fresh carrot or when it's Christmas time or my birthday, I love a peppermint Polo-mint too! I've heard that Polo is a game played by horses. Is that true?

P.S. I have also appeared on the Stage in a real theatre so Marilyn says that makes me a star!


This is Patrick who is a skewbald (brown and white) donkey. He was previously a driving donkey in Ireland before he came to us so he is very strong and muscular.

Patrick has proved to be a super donkey once he got used to all the footballs and lots of people around him! He is gentlemanly with very good manners and always waits very patiently if he is the last to get his nosebag. All the donkeys like listening to music and we have noticed that Patrick especially seems to like to a hear a harp being played or a fiddler playing an Irish jig.

Some people might wonder if he's an Irish donkey because his name is Patrick but Marilyn says, 'It's because he's always a saint!'


Hello I am called Samuel. I am a tall, slim brown donkey and Marilyn is always telling me how handsome and dashing I am. I know what 'handsome' means but what does 'dashing' mean? - Do you know?

She also says I'm a very laid back donkey but I'm not sure what that means either! I think I must be one of her favourites as she is also always saying, 'You're such a good boy' to me!

I joined Hee Haw Donkeys when I was only two and I grew up in Scotland. Now I know everything about being a good donkey and how to give children super rides.


Scooby is a heavyweight donkey who is also very patient, steady and reliable. He has a brown coloured coat with a pale grey tummy and nose and pale grey spectacles around his eyes. They make him look very wise, which, of course he is!

He quietly takes notice of everything that's happening around him but never gets into mischief like some of the other donkeys! He is always very popular with everyone, including the children, because of his funny name. He loves giving rides to the children and enjoys being stroked by them afterwards.

Scooby is best friends with Billy and at the end of the summer they always go off for their holidays together.


Hello I am called Sinbad! I am the biggest of the donkeys at Hee Haw now as I stand at 13hh. When I do the shows or parties, I love giving rides to the children and because I'm big and strong I can carry the heavier children.

I am a big, big softie I know and I have huge ears which sometimes blow about in the wind and it tickles and makes me laugh!

When Marilyn sees it happening, she laughs too. I like to hear her laughing.


This is Jack. He is the smallest and prettiest donkey with lots of black stripes on his legs, behind his hoofs and down his tail. He looks rather like a mini version of Sinbad and when he stands next to him they look like Little and Large!

Jack is very popular with little children because he loves being cuddled and is really sweet. He came from the countryside so it was quite a shock to him when he went down to the seaside and saw the sea for the first time. He was fascinated by the water and just would not turn his back on the sea. It seemed as though he couldn't understand why it was near him by the shoreline and went further and further away from him as he walked up the beach!

Luckily, he soon got used to it and now he loves to go down to the beach and give rides to the children.


Hello my name is Rupert. I used to live with a herd of cows which I did not like very much and then Marilyn and Anthony rescued me and brought me to live with some more donkey friends. I am proud to say that I am now one of their top donkeys as I love going to shows and different events and giving children fun rides.

I like lots of attention and if I do not get it I always go up to people and push in!

Well I say 'why not'?  Who was it who said If you don't ask, you don't get?

I will stand quite happily beside you if you are willing to stand with your arm around me and tickle me all the time.


Hello I am Thomas and I am pure white most of the time, unlike Monty who is always rolling and getting dirty!!! Marilyn says I am quite a tall and graceful donkey and prefer to take a leisurely pace.

I have lots of friends and enjoy going out to different events and meeting people. I always want to go out and about and like to be first out of the gate.

My favourite treat is a ginger biscuit, although I do not refuse a carrot or two. I suppose they are better for you.